Lyrics of the Soul
I'm just a lost little girl in a big lost world. This is my blog, it's a view into my brain and its sole purpose is to play the song of my soul for the time being. I have strong opinions but often keep them to myself. TRIGGER WARNING DEPENDING ON THE DAY, I do not promote any form of self harm, please get help if you need it, my ask is always open. Post Limit ()

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amazing sex tips for couples! :D haha so helpful
signs you should dump him sad but true :(





I don’t care what sexual orientation you are we are all aroused by this woman here 

I thought I was the only one yo


Samira please love me.

mannn i would have her babies 



"I don’t love her. I miss her. If I don’t miss you then part of me is dead."

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I will not be your “sometimes”.
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It’s amazing how a photograph can make you feel. I love this photo. I feel the love that they have for each other. Whether its a Mom and dad, Brother and sister or just two friends playing, I can feel something. And thats what true art and what real love is…It’s not when something looks perfect, but when it makes you feel something.

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Men are allowed to think body hair is unattractive

Women are allowed to think body hair is unattractive

Men and women are not allowed to tell other people how they should groom themselves just because of what they find personally attractive

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